Dharma Sastha - born from Hari and hara then married Pushkala & poorna


Manikantan - Lord Sastha materialized Himself in the shape of a tiny child called “MANIKANTA” on the banks of Holy River Pamba, Dharma sastha came as child to Kill Mahishi as Manikantan.

Ayyappa - Dharma sastha as Ayyappa came back to re-establish Sastha temple for his devotees by killing Udayanan.


To destroy Udayanan and his gang, Ayyappan prepared an Army. On the way, he had faced a trial of strength with VAVAR, a Sea Pirate from Arab, conquered and made him his friend.
Finally, Udayanan was killed at Karimala Kotta.


After install a fresh idol of Sastha. Ayyappa stood in silence and meditation. Amidst sounds of "Saranam", Ayyappa transformed himself into a stroke of lightning and got absorbed in the idol of Dharma Sastha.


Let us pray for self—realisation, redemption and salvation by Surrending ourselves before His Holy Feet Chanting "Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa"



Kanthamale - Devas and Rishis descended to the earth and waited on Lord Manikanta in the forest with a prayer to fulfill the object of his mission. They took Him to Kanthamala and performed Abhishega Aradhana and propitiated Him with hymns and prayers.


Ponnambalamedu - Where Swamy Ayyappa was born to kill Udayanan.