A house must be built on solid foundations if it is to last. The same principle applies to man, otherwise he too will sink back into the soft ground and becomes swallowed up by the world of illusion.
-Sai Baba

Name & its Translation from the Quran

Name & its Translation from the Quran:

ALLÂH Allâh (1:1)
AR-RAHMÂN The Most Compassionate, The Beneficent The Gracious (1:3)
AR-RAHÎM The Merciful (2:163)
AL-MALIK The King (20:114)
AL-QUDDÛS The Most Holy (59:23)
AS-SALÂM The All-Peaceful, The Bestower of peace (59:23)
AL-MU'MIN The Granter of security (59:23)
AL-MUHAYMIN The Protector (59:23)
AL-'AZÎZ The Mighty (3:6)
AL-JABBÂR The Compeller (59:23)
AL-MUTAKABBIR Supreme in Greatness, The Majestic (59:23)
AL-KHÂLIQ The Creator (6:102)
AL-BÂRI' The Maker (59:24)
AL-MUSAWWIR The Bestower of form, The Shaper (59:24)
AL-GAFFÂR The Forgiver (20:82)
AL-QAHHÂR The Subduer (13:16)
AL-WAHHÂB The Bestower (3:8)
AR-RAZZÂQ The Provider (51:58)
AL-FATTÂH The Opener, The Judge (34:26)
AL-'ALÎM The All-Knowing (2:158)
AL-QÂBID The Withholder (2:245)
AL-BÂSIT The Expander (2:245)
AL-KHÂFID The Abaser
AR-RÂFI' The Exalter
AL-MU'IZZ The Bestower of honour (3:26)
AL-MUDHILL The Humiliator (3:26)
AS-SAMÎ' The All-Hearing (2:127)
AL-BASÎR The All-Seeing (4:58)
AL-HAKAM The Judge (22:69)
AL-'ADL The Just, The Equitable
AL-LATÎF The Gentle, The Knower of subtleties (6:103)
AL-KHABÎR The All-Aware (6:18)
AL-HALÎM The Forbearing (2:225)
AL-'AZÎM The Incomparably Great (2:255)
AL-GAFÛR The Forgiving (2:173)
ASH-SHAKÛR The Appreciative (35:30)
AL-'ALIYY The Most High (2:255)
AL-KABÎR The Most Great (13:9)
AL-HAFÎZ The Preserver (11:57)
AL-MUGHÎTH The Sustainer
AL-HASÎB The Reckoner (4:6)
AL-JALÎL The Majestic, The Revered, The Sublime
AL-KARÎM The Generous (27:40)
AR-RAQÎB The Watchful (4:1)
AL-MUJÎB The Responsive (11:61)
AL-WÂSI' The All-Encompassing, The All-Embracing (2:115)
AL-HAKÎM The Wise (2:129)
AL-WADÛD The Loving One (11:90)
AL-MAJÎD The Most Glorious (11:73)
AL-BÂ'ITH The Resurrector (22:7)
ASH-SHAHÎD The Witness (4:79)
AL-HAQQ The Truth (6:62)
AL-WAKÎL The Ultimate Trustee, The Disposer of Affairs (3:173)
AL-QAWIYY The Most Strong (22:40)
AL-MATÎN The Firm One, The Authoritative (51:58)
AL-WALIYY The Protector (3:68)
AL-HAMÎD The All-Praised, The Praiseworthy (14:1)
AL-MUHSÎ The Reckoner
AL-MUBDI' The Originator (10:4)
AL-MU'ÎD The Restorer to life (10:4)
AL-MUHYÎ The Giver of life (3:156)
AL-MUMÎT The Causer of death (3:156)
AL-HAYY The Ever-Living (2:255)
AL-QAYYÛM The Self-Existing by Whom all subsist (2:255)
AL-WÂJID The Self-Sufficient, The All-Perceiving
AL-MÂJID The Glorified
AL-WÂHID The One (2:163)
AS-SAMAD The Eternally Besought (112:2)
AL-QÂDIR The Omnipotent, The Able (6:65)
AL-MUQTADIR The Powerful (18:45)
AL-MUQADDIM The Expediter
AL- MU'AKHKHIR The Delayer (71:4)
AL-AWWAL The First (57:3)
AL-ÂKHIR The Last (57:3)
AZ-ZÂHIR The Manifest (57:3)
AL-BÂTIN The Hidden (57:3)
AL-WÂLÎ The Governor, The Protector
AL-MUTA'ÂLÎ The Most Exalted (13:9)
AL-BARR The Benign, The Source of All-Goodness (52:28)
AT-TAWWÂB The Granter and Accepter of repentence (2:37)
AL- MUNTAQIM The Lord of Retribution, The Avenger (32:22)
AL-'AFUWW The Pardoner (4:99)
AR-RA'ÛF The Most Kind, The Clement (3:30)
MÂLIK-UL-MULK Owner of the Kingdom (3:26)
DHUL JALÂL WAL IKRÂM Possessor of Majesty and Honour (55:27)
AL-MUQSIT The Just, The Equitable (3:18)
AL-JÂME' The Gatherer (3:9)
AL-GHANIYY The All-Sufficient (2:263)
AL-MUGHNÎ The Enricher (9:28)
AL-MÂNI' The Preventer of harm
AD-DÂRR The Afflicter
AN-NÂFI' The Benefiter
AN-NÛR The Light (24:35)
AL-HÂDÎ The Guide (25:31)
AL-BADÎ' The Originator (2:117)
AL-BÂQÎ The Everlasting (55:27)
AL-WÂRITH The Ultimate Inheritor (15:23)
AS-SABÛR The Patient One


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